Representative introduction


Greetings from the representative

Solving social issues with crawler and robot technology.

For 20 years at an automobile manufacturer, I have been working on the development of new products and new functions that utilize electronics technology. After that, I wanted to create products that would move the people who use them, so I left a large company and started my own business.

Ten years after starting the company, accidents caused by wheelchairs falling became a social problem. Around the same time, he saw his girlfriend’s mother, who was admitted to a nursing care facility, slowly weakening, which inspired her to pursue manufacturing that would help solve social issues.

I would like to give my elderly mother a vehicle that is easy to operate, that allows her to go where she wants to go, and that does not cause her to fall over. Eventually, by using a unique high ground pressure crawler belt and independent left and right suspension, we succeeded in developing a crawler-driven mobility mechanism that achieved both high running performance and tight turning ability.

Furthermore, by taking advantage of its characteristics of being resistant to tipping over even on rough roads and being able to move freely even in narrow spaces, the new model is compatible with 45-degree slopes, allowing for safe, easy, and enjoyable mowing in the lawn mower market, where engines have been the mainstream until now. We have commercialized a radio-controlled electric lawn mower. Since my previous job, I have consistently focused on the mobility field and will work to solve social issues using crawler and robot technology.

Representative Director Mikio Takeuchi