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Move freely and comfortably

Crawler vehicle (mobility aid): UNiMO

From everyday life to extraordinary trips and outings, live a vibrant life.

Since it’s a crawler, it can handle steps, grooves, snowy roads, and sandy beaches. The slope with a slope of 16 degrees is also smooth. Makes me want to go on an adventure every day.

Safe and secure UNiMO will change the way you live your life. The crawler-type suspension design provides high mobility, so you can experience the joy of being able to go out whenever you want without having to worry about small steps or grooves.
Please use Unimo as your foot mobility assistant.

You can go anywhere! Characteristics of Unimo

< Unparalleled driving performance >
The drive unit for the running part, which is Unimo’s most distinctive feature, is not a wheel, but a crawler type (caterpillar type), which allows it to maintain continuous and stable ground contact over steps and grooves. Therefore, it is possible to get on and off the train without a slope, and it has excellent running performance even on rough roads such as railroad crossings and snowy roads.

Even a steep 10° slope goes smoothly.
Can climb over 10cm steps
Clears gaps and grooves

Great for slopes in grasslands and steps at railroad crossings!
Comfortable driving even on snowy roads!

Grassland slope
Level crossing step
Comfortable driving even on snowy roads

< Small turning performance with a turning radius of 60cm >
It has independent motors on the left and right sides and can rotate freely on the spot, so you can change the direction on the spot even when entering an elevator. It is also possible to make right-angle turns in narrow aisles such as supermarkets and convenience stores.
Even when turning left or right, the speed of the left and right motors is controlled according to the speed and turning angle, allowing stable driving.

< High stability >
The low center of gravity design and independent left and right suspension (torsion bar + shock absorber) suppresses falls and vibrations, making it difficult to fall over and offering high stability.

Rotate on the spot even in tight spaces
Low center of gravity makes it difficult to fall over

< Expanding uses! >
It can be used not only by people with disabilities but also by healthy people on a daily basis.
For example, independent left and right suspension and rubber crawler belts make it easy to drive on uneven roads with stones, such as mountain roads, or cobblestone roads.
You can drive on snow-covered roads without any problems, or on roads with about 5 centimeters of fresh snow, and you can even drive on icy roads. There are some sandy areas where you can drive as long as the sand is dry.
It is also very convenient for short trips in hilly and mountainous areas.

Reliable equipment to support a comfortable everyday life

< Compatible with household power supply >
Equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery that can be charged with a 100V household power source.
It is possible to travel approximately 20km* in just 7 hours of charging.
(* At room temperature/100kg loaded/maximum speed running)

< High operating performance >
Control everything with simple switches and joysticks.
We have achieved operability that anyone can use. The controller position can also be used for left-handed users.

< Reducing the burden of getting on and off >
“Electric tilt-up function” that can be performed with one button. Standard equipment. This reduces the burden of getting on and off the vehicle, not only for the user but also for the caregiver.

Product video

customer’s voice

< Customers using electric wheelchairs for the first time >
Since I can ride the train without assistance, I can now move around as I like.
Getting off the elevator is now easier because you can turn on the spot inside the elevator.
(*When you get on the elevator with a normal wheelchair, you get off facing backwards. That’s why it has a mirror.)

< Customers who switched from another company’s electric wheelchair >
You can run with peace of mind because you won’t get caught in the tracks at a railroad crossing.
Since you can run on ditches and steps, you can now go to roads and places you could not go before, expanding your range of action.

Main specifications

UNiMO Adventure
TAIS code (public interest incorporated foundation) Techno Aid Association registration number01473-000002


Dimensions (mm) Overall length * Overall width * Overall height1000×695×880
Weight (kg) Main unit (including battery)85
Crawler belt length (mm)1830
Seat part dimensions (mm)410()*440(depth)*375(height)
Drive system
crawler belt
Torsion bar + gas shock absorber left and right independent
Braking methodBraking by motor generation and electromagnetic brake
Drive motorRated output (continuous) 400W DC48V
BatteryLithium iron phosphate battery
ChargerAutomatic charging method for lithium iron phosphate batteries
charging time0-7h
PerformanceSpeed(km/h)Forward Low: ~3.0 Medium: ~4.5 High: ~6.0 Variable
Reverse fixed: 1.0
(Maximum speed less than 6.0km/h)
Cruising distance(km)Approximately 20 (at room temperature, 75kg loaded, running at maximum speed)
Practical climbing angle (degrees)about 10
Step height (mm)about 100
Groove crossing width (mm)about 150
Minimum turning radius (mm)about 600
Maximum user weight (including loaded items)100kg or less

*[Important] We recommend that you be accompanied by a caregiver when climbing over steps.
Also, when descending large steps, be sure to descend backwards (using the rear training wheels).
*Each performance may not be met depending on road conditions, riding posture, weight, etc.
*When using the product, please read the instruction manual and drive safely.