Make mowing safe, fun and efficient

Make mowing safer and more efficient!
Radio-controlled electric lawn mower “Unimoise”

Compact and resistant to slopes, easy to operate.
Easy maintenance and low noise. We also contribute to SDGs.

Grass cutting businesses, agricultural businesses such as orchards, solar panel businesses,
For leisure businesses such as golf courses/ski resorts.

Why is Unic developing lawn mowers?

The reason for this was that we thought that crawler technology and control technology could contribute to solving some of the problems that occur at mowing sites.
Our company has crawler control technology that we have cultivated through our experience in research and development at an automobile company and through the development of personal mobility (electric chairs using crawlers) since our founding.

As I pondered whether I could use the techniques and know-how I had honed there to help more people, I learned that there were various issues involved in mowing grass.
Unimoise was born out of the idea that our technology could contribute to solving problems occurring at grass cutting sites.

“Unimoise” has already received acclaim in various fields, but we are constantly working on developing advanced versions in response to further requests and issues.

Features of Unique machines

Please compare,
Differences from conventional mowers.
< Strong on slopes! You can safely mow even on 45° slopes. >

Since it is radio-controlled, you can safely and safely cut grass in dangerous areas, which was previously done with a shoulder-mounted brush cutter! Mowing horizontally allows mowing even on 45° slopes.
It moves easily even in places with strong slopes, such as around facilities in hilly and mountainous areas, along ridges, riverbeds, rough slopes of golf courses, along slopes and cut-throughs, and slopes beside railroad tracks.
You can also switch back, so there’s no need to turn, and you can mow in both forward and backward directions, increasing efficiency!

< Mowing tall grass and lawn mowing! >

Can cut grass even if it is over 1m tall. You can also cut tall bubbling grass and bamboo!
It is also convenient to be able to adjust the cutting height using the remote control. You can also mow the lawn by lowering the cutting height!

< All electric, clean and low noise >

Since it is electric, it is not only environmentally friendly, but also has no exhaust gases compared to engine-powered machines, making it cleaner and less noisy. You can mow grass without worrying about noise even in areas where houses are close together or in parks. Naturally, there is no need to change the oil, and maintenance and cleaning are easy.
It is also equipped with a lithium-ion battery that can be charged with a 100V household power source. You can mow approximately 1000 m2 of grass after 7 hours of charging. You can check the remaining battery power with the indicator.

< Easy mowing with easy operations! >

The operation is like a game, just turn on the main power supply and the radio control power supply. Even if you are a first-time user or are not familiar with machines, you can easily mow with the easy-to-operate radio control, so mowing will become fun!

Control the speed and cutting height using only a simple switch and joystick. You can mow the grass smoothly with just the operation at hand.

< Mowing and transporting! >

Can carry up to 200 kg with the optional transport tray. Quickly transforms into transporting harvested products and materials!
Various attachments can be customized according to your requests.
External control of the mower (optional) is also possible.
We are planning to commercialize a fuel cell-powered automatic mower soon, so please feel free to contact us.

< Lightweight and compact. Weight is 88kg >

It can be transported by light truck, van, etc.
Not only is it lightweight and easy to transport, but even if it gets stuck in a waterway or ditch, it can be pulled out by one person by changing the direction.

< Ensuring employee safety >

The crawler part is covered to prevent accidental entanglement. Fall prevention function with tilt detection. You can use it with confidence as it has an instant stop when the mowing blade hits a stone, etc., and a structure that prevents stones from flying off.

< Achieve high productivity >

In our tests, the working efficiency is 1000 square meter with one charge. Normally, it would take three people 180 minutes to complete the task using a shoulder-mounted brush cutter, but with Unimoise, one person could complete the job in 30 minutes. It also helps reduce labor costs and eliminate unforeseen staffing issues.

We will solve these problems at mowing sites.

  • “Is it possible to do heavy work in the summer without putting a strain on the worker? Self-propelled and shoulder-mounted mowers have reached their limits!”
  • “Working on steep slopes, such as on slopes, around embankments, golf courses, ski resorts, etc., is dangerous…”
  • “There are limits to how much efficiency can be achieved with manual work, such as in orchards or under solar panels.”
  • “Mowing work in urban areas and residential areas has limited working hours due to noise…”
  • “Maintenance of a lawn mower is difficult and costly. I would like to reduce the cost somehow.”
  • “I’m considering installing a radio-controlled lawn mower, but I’m concerned about how easy it is to learn how to operate it, how versatile it is, and the return on investment.”

It can be said that mowing is now a social issue, such as the lack of manpower for mowing, the aging of workers, and the occasional occurrence of accidents and injuries when working on slopes.

Solving social issues related to mowing,
Helpful for business management!

  • Responding to labor shortages in mowing work
  • Improving the working environment and increasing worker satisfaction
  • Contributes to improved productivity (any work time, any location, any small number of workers, any number of workers)
  • Reduced maintenance costs unique to electric vehicles

Because it is Unique,
This kind of technology contributes to solving problemsc.

1. Radio-controlled operation using a game console-like controller

We have turned the hard labor of mowing into “fun”. Since the operation is similar to that of a game machine, it can be learned in a short time, and it is suitable for workers regardless of gender or experience. It also contributes to resolving labor shortages.

2. Low center of gravity design and high ground pressure crawler belt unique to electric vehicles

Therefore, it is possible to work reliably without skidding even on extremely steep slopes exceeding 45 degrees.

3. Left and right independent suspension

Therefore, it is possible to work on uneven roads without any difficulty.
It can also be used on a wide range of terrain other than slopes, contributing to the recovery of installation costs.

4. 88 kg, the lightest radio-controlled mower

Therefore, even if it falls into a gutter, it is easy to recover by pulling it up manually.

5. A crawler can freely perform “on-the-spot turning” and “figure-of-eight turning”.

This makes it possible to work smoothly even in terrain where there are many changes, such as in orchards or under panels.

6. High safety features that leverage our experience in developing electric personal mobility

We have ensured the safety of workers so that they can be used by men and women of all ages, including a cover on the crawler to prevent entanglement, a fall prevention control against slopes, and a stop control when the blade hits a stone, etc.

7. Low noise and clean operation with no exhaust gas due to electric power

You can work anywhere and at any time, increasing work efficiency.

Product video


customer’s voice

If I could mow so quickly on slopes, I would switch from a shoulder-mounted brush cutter to this one. What would take two people half a day to cut with a brush cutter, can be cut in 40 minutes with the Unimoise. The battery is also sufficient as it still has enough power even after a day’s worth of work.

  • I was already aware of its high driving performance on slopes, but I never thought that an electric mower could cut grass to this extent.
  • I was worried whether it would really work on a slope, but the grass cutting performance was sufficient (Landscape contractor)
  • While there are many companies that won’t take care of mowing on sloped areas, Unimoise makes it easy to mow the grass.
  • Unimoise’s running performance on slopes is simply amazing. Various applications are possible.
  • It would be very good for the local community if we could increase opportunities for social contribution and employment for children, people with intellectual disabilities, and immigrants who lack the know-how, who had previously found it difficult to contribute to society through dangerous work such as cutting grass. It turns out.
  • It’s quiet, so even in summer, I was able to mow the grass early in the morning before it gets too hot.
  • The crawler has a cover, so you can cut grass with peace of mind, and it was well received when it was used as an extracurricular exercise at a junior high school.

For technical inquiries and questions after purchase, a separate technical support fee will be charged.
Please contact us for details.

Main specifications

Model/model nameQE-M500/UNiMOWERS
Size(mm)970×800×410 (Total length x width x height)
Weight(kg)88 (Including battery)
Cutting width(mm)500
Drive systemHigh ground pressure crawler belt
SuspensionLeft and right independent suspension with built-in shock absorption mechanism
Braking methodMotor regenerative brake + electromagnetic brake
Drive motorRated output 350(W) brushless DC48(V) x 2
Mowing motorRated output 1 (kW) brushless DC48 (V)
Battery1.4kWh lithium ion battery
ChargerAutomatic charging method for lithium-ion batteries
Charging time (h)7
Speed (km/h)0.5-3.7 (6-step shifting)
Cutting height range (mm)20 to 100 (Electric adjustment using remote control)
Working area (square meter)1000 *Under our company’s specified conditions
Practical climbing angle (degrees)45 (lateral movement), 30 (forward and backward movement)
Step height (mm)about 100
Groove crossing width (mm)about 150
Minimum turning radius (mm)about 650

*1 About automation
Electric mowers, which can cut grass over 1 meter tall, do not require refueling, making them ideal for automation. If you require automation, please feel free to contact us.

*2 About fuel cell powered mowers
Using a cartridge-type hydrogen tank, you can cut grass all day long. If you are in need of a fuel cell powered mower, please feel free to contact us.